What You Need to Know About Weight Lifting Belts

Mihai Voinea
Medically reviewed by Mihai Voinea Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) — Research analysis by Adam Pius

Weight lifting belts have definitely become a point of discussion in the fitness industry. However, we aren't here to debate whether or not to use them, because we know first hand they have many benefits when used correctly! 

How do you know when a weight lifting belt is right for you? We are here with some tips in your search to find the best weight lifting belt for your specific body building goals.

How They Work

Do you know how weightlifting belts work? When you take a deep breath into your stomach, the belt limits the expansion of your abdomen, increasing the pressure in the intra-abdominal area. This stabilizes the spine and makes sure your legs and hips contract as hard as they can, delivering the best results. 

Many experienced weight lifters say that wearing a belt helps them get through the sticking aspect of a squat a lot quicker, activating their quads in a more direct way. It helps lifters to handle heavier weights in a faster motion. It can also decrease the risk of injury by providing support. 

Keeping this in mind, you can see why so many people hold a positive view of using a weight lifting belt.

Who Shouldn't Wear a Weight Lifting Belt?

If you have existing heart issues or health conditions that affect your blood pressure or abdominal area, it is not safe for you to be using a weight lifting belt. This includes those who have suffered from hernias in the past.

If you find that a belt isn't helping your movement or preventing you from having good form, you're going to want to try a new belt or quit using one all together if it keeps happening. You may need to try a custom weight lifting belt for it to work with your body. 

If you have any concerns about your health and using a leather weight lifting belt, it is a good idea to consult your doctor about the decision.

Don't be afraid to invest in a weight lifting belt! When it is made of the right materials, it will last years, so it is truly worth the investment. 

It does take some time for you to be able to break the belt in, so to speak, but the more you use it, the quicker it will get to this point. When you utilize weight lifting belts correctly, they can certainly help you reach your fitness goals quickly and safely.

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