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Total Body Transformation Total Body Transformation
Soar miles above your fitness plateau with two limit-defying, threshold-shattering workouts that annihilate fat and replace it with lean, solid, power-packed muscle. Are you ready to take your body to the ULTIMATE LEVEL? Bob Harper delivers exclusive, no holds barred techniques for the intense conditioning your body craves. Challenge yourself with the total body transformation and uncover the incredibly fit physique you've always wanted. Workout 1: Total body transformation - 60 minutes of innovative, high-level training incorporates intervals, plyometrics, strength, and endurance. Fire-up your metabolic engine, activate fast twitch muscle fibers, and engage your entire body for extreme calorie burn and lean muscle gain. Workout 2: 10 minutes of maximum-powered, accelerated training, command optimal performance for body-transforming results. When you're short on time, bob makes every second count.

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