Keto Kreme Review: Reach Ketosis Through Delicious Coffee

Review Date: November 4, 2017

Rating: 4/5 stars

Things We Liked

  • Rich and creamy taste
  • Blends well with hot beverages
  • Top-quality ingredients

Things We Didn't Like

  • Does not blend well in cold drinks
  • Pricey
  • Contains dairy ingredients


Keto Kreamer is a keto creamer (surprise!) that's packs with flavor AND health benefits. Thanks to the abundance of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) present in the formula, it helps you to reach and maintain ketosis for all your weight loss and fitness goals. Keto Kreamer also has the surprising benefit of a testosterone booster for those suffering from low T levels. Now let's move on to our Keto Kreme review.

Ketone creamer was developed to contain ingredients that further boost fat metabolism and help you deal with food craving.

By using pregnenolone cream or pregnenolone supplements, the levels of the compound in the body increases, and this brings about various benefits such as fatigue relief, and delay of the aging process.

About The Brand

Keto Kreme Ketone Coffee Creamer is made from all-natural ingredients. Actually, that's no surprise, as the manufacturer is none other than Pruvit, a pioneer in keto supplement development.

This creamer is made from coconut oil, which is a rich natural source of healthy fats. The latter are essential to reach and maintain ketosis, a state during which you need to feed your body with higher levels of fat. 


Main Ingredients

Keto Kreme is the result of two years of careful development and meticulous research. All of its ingredients were obtained using modern techniques to ensure the highest possible quality and purity of the compounds. What's also important is that the formula is heavily based on the needs and preferences of the keto dieters community, using customer feedback to tweak the product.

Below you'll find the main ingredients that provide Keto Kreme its wonderful taste, texture and plethora of health benefits.

Coconut Butter

As you may have guessed, this ingredient comes straight from coconuts. It easily mixes with such liquids as your cup of coffee and has all the important antioxidants and healthy fat that you need to encourage ketosis.

Moreover, coconut butter also contains lauric acid, a precursor to the compound monolaurin. This natural antibiotic supports your immune system, increasing your body’s resistance to such nasty things as bacterial infections and even flu.

Last but not least, coconut butter is what gives your coffee the creamy, rich taste without packing in the calories from traditional creamers. Feel energized, satiated, and utterly healthy - without the needless carbs.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Also known as true cinnamon, this ingredient gives the authentic cinnamon taste to this non-dairy creamer. However, this is not just a matter of flavor. According to modern studies, cinnamon can help in improving insulin sensitivity. Additionally, it lowers blood glucose, total cholesterol, LDL, and triglyceride levels as well.

Cinnamon is also an antioxidant powerful enough to impose an anti-inflammatory effect. As if that wasn't enough, this ingredient is also effective in blocking the absorption of carbohydrates and starch, thus helping to reduce calorie absorption and limit sugar conversion into fats.


Because you CAN enjoy sweetness in a healthy way. This natural wonder is a powerful sugar substitute derived from the leaves of a plant called Stevia rebaudiana. Zero carbs, and a sweetness 200 to 400 times greater than sugar's!


Medium chain triglycerides are type of healthy dietary fats. They help raise your energy levels but without the crash (as with sugar) or added weight (as with unhealthy types of fats). The MCTs used in this creamer are called C8 and C10. They quickly convert into ketones, which the body uses as energy.

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This ketone creamer helps you maintain your keto diet without giving up the delicious creamy coffee taste. Its formula includes a carefully developed complex of healthy fats that are perfect to support ketosis. 

The Keto Kreme zero-dairy coffee creamer is not just a tasty alternative to its traditional counterparts. In fact, keto coffee has quite a few unique benefits thanks to its top-quality ingredients, including the following:

Energy Boost

The ketones derived from the conversion of MCT are fabulous sources of energy. Therefore, they are easily absorbed and promptly used by the cells, quite unlike how glucose is utilized. In fact, brain cells function better when they use ketones as your main source of energy.

Fast Conversion Into Ketones

Keto Kreme's formula provides instant energy, especially for your brain. That means better cognitive function, higher focus, and boosted overall body energy, without the crash like when taking sugar.

Stabilize Blood Sugar

If you use ketones for energy, you won't have the need to load yourself with sugar. Wave goodbye to the spikes and dips in your glucose levels: during ketosis, your body is in control of your blood glucose. Moreover, the ingredients in this creamer help your body improve its insulin sensitivity and other natural blood sugar control mechanisms. 

Faster and Easier Absorption

Ingredients such as MCTs are quickly converted into instantly usable energy in form of ketone bodies. No part of them is converted and stored into regular fats.

Better Gut Health

Intestinal bacteria grow in abundance when you have too much sugar in your diet. With this creamer, however, MCT become ketones and are used as energy sources instead of your usual carbs. As a result, you will be limiting the sugar that your gut bacteria can use for their growth. Finally, the Keto Kreme contains what is known as caprylic fatty acids, which have a balancing effect on the gut’s microflora, thus further improving your gut health.

Balances Sugar-to-Fat Conversion

Thanks to its proprietary formula, Keto Kreme can help your body to control how much carbohydrates are absorbed. This can also help in limiting the amount of calories that turn into fats.

How To Use

Keto Kreme is different from your usual coffee creamers, but it’s still fairly easy to use. You don't need any fancy gadgets whatsoever.

First, mix your favorite cup of coffee in your usual way. Add 1 scoop (or 1 packet) of Keto Kreme. Stir your drink for 20 to 30 seconds to blend the creamer well. Drink and enjoy.

Some users mix this creamer in cold beverages as well, so know that it can be added to your iced coffee and smoothies. However, you'll have to mix or stir it a little longer for a smooth result.

The Verdict

Overall, this product shows great promise. It has all the nice ingredients that can help with weight loss, promote nutritional ketosis, and provide a multitude of other health and fitness goals.

Things We Liked

  • Rich and creamy taste. Just as you would expect from a traditional creamer, but this one is so much healthier.
  • Blends well with hot beverages. Just put and stir it as you would with a traditional creamer, and there you go. A smooth, delicious drink in less than a minute.
  • Top-quality ingredients. The compounds of this product are all great for your body. Even the cinnamon for added flavor and the Stevia for the sweetness also contribute with loads of health benefits.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Does not blend well in cold drinks. The high amount of MCT in this product makes it bit more difficult to mix well in colder drinks, unlike with Keto OS, another product by Pruvit. You may have to stir the drink more vigorously or even use a blender. Other than that, it still tastes great even with cold drinks.
  • Pricey. Some customers comment that this is a rather expensive product. However, the upside is that the investment is well worth it. Top-quality ingredients have their price, and that's just natural. 
  • Contains dairy ingredients. This product may not be suitable for those who look out for dairy, such as vegans and lactose-intolerant people. On the other hand, this product is gluten-free.

This is a great keto coffee creamer for those who want more options in following a ketogenic diet. This is effective in giving the right amounts of MCTs for the body to convert and use ketones. You won’t notice much difference except that it leaves you feeling more energized longer, with less cravings and mid-morning energy slump you usually get with your non-keto coffee.

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