Adapt Bars Review 2018 – The Ultimate Low Carb / Keto Bar

Mihai Voinea
Medically reviewed by Mihai Voinea Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) — Research analysis by Adam Pius

​Following a Ketogenic diet can be a challenge. The goal is to trigger a specific condition (ketosis) that stimulates the release and use of ketones in the body for weight loss and other health benefits, and to achieve that, you need to cut down on carbs to a minimum. This Keto Bars Adapt review will help you find out that a low carb lifestyle can still taste amazing and be filling.

The good thing about the Ketogenic diet is that you don’t have to starve yourself. You can still enjoy food and snacks if you know which ones are good for you. 

What Is a Keto Bar?

Most people know about protein bars, often sold in your local gym and supermarket. However, on a low carb ketogenic diet they are often unsuitable because of their high carb and sugar content. Lucky for us there are keto bars available that are especially suitable for people on a ketogenic diet or other low carb protocols. These bars are high in fats, moderate protein, and low in carbs. This nutritional profile helps drive ketosis. A diet high in healthy saturated fats also keep testosterone production at optimal levels.

These snack bars also help deal with initial ketogenic diet 'depression'. It can be a real struggle for people who just started following the diet and feel that they have limited food choices. Keto snack bars help satisfy cravings the healthy way, and make people feel better and not deprived of the things they enjoy eating.

Introducing the Adapt Bar

Dr. Eric Westman, Duke University Associate Professor of Medicine, developed the Adapt program. This program was developed to help those who are suffering from pre-diabetes, diabetes type 1 and type 2, obesity, hypertension, and other similar metabolic conditions.

The Adapt Your Life program is also called a Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) diet plan. People who suffer from pre-diabetes, diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome can benefit greatly from this program.

In keeping with this program, Dr. Westman developed products that will help people make better dietary choices. One such product is the Adapt bar. Your diet can easily become unhealthy when it comes to snacking. There isn’t a lot of healthy snack options available, especially one that supports a ketogenic diet specifically.

These Adapt bars were created as a response to the growing need of snack options for people who are on a ketogenic or LCHF diet. It is difficult to find products that completely follow the dietary specifications needed. This adds to the frustration that can discourage those who want to try a low carb diet.

With the Adapt keto bars, you can have a snack free of worrying that your dietary macros won't hold up. You can be confident that the tasty bar in your hands is indeed filled with the nutrients your body needs.

These bars are extremely low in total carbs, which is a rare treat in todays market. If you do find one, there’s a huge chance it also contains bulking agents, preservatives, fillers, and pumped to the brim with artificial sweeteners. Adapt keto bars contain none of these. Each bar is made only with top quality ingredients

The Adapt bars are available as 20 gram snack bars. It is smaller than most protein bars that come in 60 gram sizes. Despite the smaller size, it is packed with nutrients with only 2 grams of total carbs per bar.

Adapt bars are made with real ingredients, healthy kinds of fats. These are real foods, not supplements. Keep in mind that this makes the product sensitive to heat.

Exposure to heat, warm temperatures, and sunlight, will melt the bars. If they do melt, just place them in the refrigerator. They will most likely be unable to retain their shape but they are still safe to eat and definitely still nutritious.​


Epic Flavors

The Adapt bars come in 4 delicious flavors:

  • Chocolate bar​
  • Coconut bar
  • Berry bar
  • Lemon cheesecake bar

Adapt Nutrition aims to help kids start to develop a healthier approach to food choices, which is why there are also special flavors for kids such as; Cookies and Cream.

Things to Consider When Buying Protein/Snack Bars

Just because it says “protein bar” does not mean it’s healthy. You have to know what to look for to be sure you are eating something that is healthy and not some junk-filled high sugar bar that can ruin your healthy diet and possibly your health. Many are more like a sugar-filled, unhealthy candy bar, than a real protein bar.

First, look for paleo protein bars. That generally means that the ingredient sources are healthy and natural. The quality of protein is very important because proteins make up most of what is in each bar (it’s a “protein bar” after all).

Check that the ingredients are organic. That means the sources have not been exposed to chemicals and pesticides. Otherwise, your protein bar can be a poison-laden bar.

Look at the nutritional profile. It should not be just proteins. Snack bars should contain plenty of healthy fats as well as minerals and vitamins.

Look at the GI or glycemic index. This is an indication of the impact of the food ingredients on the blood sugar levels after eating it. Low GI is your best choice because it means you will not make your blood sugar levels rise rapidly. Adapt bars are low GI since they contain close to no carbs at all, they will not rapidly increase your blood sugar levels after eating.​

Adapt bars have all the features of a healthy, nutritious, and tasty snack bar. It has excellent quality proteins and good, healthy fats.​

What’s in an Adapt Bar?

Each bar contains 2 total carbs, with 1 net carb. Which is an very low amount compared to most other protein bars on the market today such as the Nourished Caveman bars, and the Quest bar.

Whey protein concentrate is also in each Adapt bar, along with MCT oil, coconut oil, and butter. These are among the best sources of healthy fats that help drive ketosis. There is also lecithin from sunflower.​

Allergen alert: Adapt bars contain tree nuts and milk. These bars were made in a factory where peanuts, other tree nuts, wheat, and eggs were also used.​


There are many popular, healthy protein snack bars available such as the nourished caveman and atkins bars. A ketogenic lifestyle can indeed still be enjoyable food wise. You can enjoy snacking without loading up on carbs with these Adapt bars. If you’re planning to go low carb, consider following the Dr. Eric Westman's Adapt Your Life Program for better health and wellbeing.

Adam Pius (Research Analysis)

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