Brain Tumors: Who Gets Them and What Is the Survival Rate?

Brain Tumors

Brain cancer is a disease in which cells in the brain start to multiply uncontrollably and affect the brain tissues. Cancer develops in the brain and grows to form a mass of abnormal tissues (brain tumors) which interferes with the functions of the brain, such as muscle control, memory, sensation, and other normal functions of the body.

The Science Behind 2- to 3-Minute Rests in Between Lifting Sets

Young muscular man sitting with a bottle of water in the gym

In weightlifting and strenuous exercise, the popular idea has typically been to work your muscles as much as possible for greater gains. This means not giving them too much time to rest mid-workout. Indeed, you will feel generally that your muscles are more fatigued when you limit the resting period between sets to less than a minute – which can mean that you’re getting more effective work in.