My Trainer Bob was founded to supply a great resource on fitness and health:

  • We want to become a trusted resource where people can come and learn how to stay fit.

  • We want to provide the best and easy to understand advice to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • We want to create a community of individuals willing to help each other take control of their bodies and health.

Meet the Team

Mihai Voinea (Medical Reviewer & Editor)

Mihai is a medical doctor and entrepreneur with a burning obsession for performance and health. Mihai is also an IronMan, ultramarathon runner, and co-founder of Marsilian, which owns two e-learning platforms for future medical students and doctors.

Michael Jessimy (Writer, Medical Reviewer & Editor)

Michael Jessimy is a Pharmacist by profession, who is also a decorated amateur level heavyweight bodybuilder. He possesses a unique mix of knowledge encompassing fitness, nutrition and medical expertise, making him a specialist in matters of health. He currently manages one of the largest retail chain pharmacies in his native homeland. Check out his books on health and nutrition on Amazon.

Ivan Kokhno (Writer, Medical Reviewer & Editor)

Ivan is a medical doctor that has five years experience in researching and writing health-related content, SaaS companies, startups, motivation and self-growth resources. He also speak five languages. Therefore, he is able to research any topic five times better than the average writer.

Gohar Khan (Writer)

Engineer by profession, fitness freak at heart; Gohar Khan is a Fitness & Weight Loss Consultant, Nutritionist and Senior Tech/Academic Writer that provides dynamic, viable and effective solutions to your problems. He’s a gym rat, runner, cyclist, hiker; loves doing them all & often labelled as jack of all trades.


My Trainer Bob's editors make sure that our content well-researched and accurate. Doctors and nutritionists are part of the team that works at My Trainer Bob.

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