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Hey guys….so check it out, I have been doing alot of traveling.  I flew to NYC on Sunday and got to hang out with some good friends of mine for a little bit and then on Monday morning I had to go to the rehearsal for the Regis and Kelly show.  They wanted me to wear workout clothes but I didn’t really want to so I said no.  I don’t think that the producer was too happy with me but in the end, I didn’t think it really mattered.  After the rehearsal, I went and did a little shopping a couple of my favorite stores in NY, Rick Owens, Jeffrey and Atelier.  They are the BEST men’s stores in NY and I had too much fun buying some new clothes…..I like to shop way too much, hahahaha.  After that I went to Barney’s uptown and had lunch with a friend of mine.  I ate a few french fries and the waiter looked at me with judgement…..he asked me if I really wanted that.  I thought that was funny.  Later that night I went to an off Broadway show called, The Marvelous Wonderettes.  It was very cute and the lead girl had an amazing voice.  After a busy day, I went back to my hotel and prepared for a very busy Tuesday.  I got up early and did the Today Show to promote Season 7 and then jumped into a car to quickly get to The Regis and Kelly Show.  They were so nice to me and we had a great time.  I loved Kelly!!!  She is so tiny and so sweet.  I just wanted to squeeze her.  When I was finished with that I had to get to the airport and fly to Minneapolis, MN and boy was it cold.  I had the rest of the day off so I walked around town.  They have structured their city with tunnels and tubes to get from one building to the next without ever going outside.  I decided to brave the outside because I live in LA and we don’t get weather like that.  I then went back to my hotel.  I stayed at a place called, The Chambers and I absolutely love this hotel.  I am fond of modern art and they have a great collection.   Check it out on their website sometime.  I got in a good workout at the hotel and then I got ready and watched the premiere with a producer from my show and some people that work with General Mills.  We had a really good time and I thought the show was great!!!!  Wait until you see me yell next week.  I had a contestant that really pushed me over the edge….we made up.  After the show, we had a little dinner and I went back to my room and CRASHED!!!  The next morning I did an interview live on a radio station there and then I was off to General Mills to speak to the employees and executives there and I had the BEST TIME!!  Everyone was so great and we are so excited about the launch of The Pound for Pound Challenge.  If you haven’t made a pledge yet, GET ON IT!!  I am going to have my face on cereal boxes which is kind of cool.  They presented me with a box of Wheaties with me on the box and I thought that was SO COOL!!  So the next time you are at the grocery store, look for me in the cereal aisle.  When all that was done, I went to a local school and hung out with some 8th graders, which was alot of fun and then it was back to LA.  I got home last night, watched the premiere of Damages and got up early this morning and had to speak to a bunch of radio stations live over the phone promoting my book, Are You Ready! that just came out in paperback.  If you haven’t gotten it yet, get it today!!!  After that, I got to workout a writer for Yahoo that wanted to get a Biggest Loser workout and boy did I give her the workout of her life.  She was hurting and I had the best time doing it.  You will get to see it on yahoo’s home page soon because we shot the whole thing…..get ready to laugh.  When that was done, I went and worked out and now I’m here…..boy am I tired!!!!