The Skinny Rules Workout DVD series NOW AVAILABLE!!!

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My new workout DVD series is now available on Amazon! Inspired by my best-selling book, The Skinny Rules, this 3-disc set will help you lose weight and build strength. This series features workouts for ALL fitness levels and targets three of the most important aspects of fitness: CARDIO, CORE and STRENGTH.

I combined some of my most effective exercises into high-intensity, circuit workouts. Each DVD features four CrossFit style WODs (Workout of the Day) and I’ve even included a 30-day calendar to keep you focused and motivated!

I know most of you are busy and sometimes it’s hard to find time to workout but these DVDs will give you all the benefits and results from an hour workout in just 20 MINUTES.

I really wanted to raise the bar with this new series, so get ready to work harder than you’ve ever worked.

Here’s what to expect with each DVD:

• Simple, straightforward, cardio-intensive exercises
• Timed interval style workouts that will get your heart rate up
• Some of my favorite total-body, cardio exercises

• Moves that will help build a strong core, which is essential for weight loss and muscle strengthening
• Exercises that will help with a powerful core foundation to sculpt abs and support overall balance

• High-intensity exercises to help build functional strength throughout your body
• Bodyweight and dumbbells exercises
• Strength training workouts to increase muscle mass while decreasing body fat

When it comes to weight loss, if you want results, you have to follow the rules! Buy The Skinny Rules Workout DVD Series now to get started!