MY Thoughts – Last Night’s Biggest Loser

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Who doesn’t LOVE a makeover and, let me tell you, this makeover show was AMAZING!! Let me just start by saying that it was totally annoying that Jillian and I were completely cut out of the show. We were all dressed up. Jillian looked gorgeous in this very sexy black dress and I was wearing a tuxedo. I posted a pic below so you can see it. All 5 of the contestants looked so good. I thought that Irene’s hair looked fantastic. We kept calling her Jennifer Lopez. Olivia’s short haircut was so beautiful too. Hannah’s body looked incredible in that dress and of course, the boys looked very handsome. I have seen many makeovers but I think that this one was absolutely one of the best. Their transformations were just so breathtaking. It is so nice when our contestants get to spend a little time out of the gym and actually see how much all their hard work has paid off. Here is what I want the viewers to take home with them and try something different when it comes to “rewarding” yourself for all your hard work with your diet and exercise. You don’t always have to use food as a reward. It could be giving yourself your own makeover by shopping for a new outfit, a haircut, or a mani/pedi. I guarantee you that you will feel so good and it won’t cost you any calories!! xoxo

Brandi May 4, 2011 at 2:37 pm

I thought the show was amazing as well. Everything looked so awesome! I kept asking my husband Where is Bob and Jillian? I thought you guys would have at least been at the dance. You are the reason they are at this makeover and I think you both should have been a part of it to reep your rewards. :) You both are awesome!

Liz May 25, 2011 at 1:23 pm

The show was great and very inspirational!!!! I have loved it every year. I will not be watching nexted year, are you kidding, the new trainer is wrong, are’t you suppose to be a healthy person, I’m sorry but she looks sick and not real.You looked up to Bob and Jilian, they are real people who are fit and have musle to prove it. This is what is wrong with society (ratings)! This is a huge mistake!

Mimi June 9, 2011 at 10:54 pm

Bob…you ahve inspired me to take time for me in the am and center….You and Jillian need to do a show together. Im sorry to say this but the “new” trainers will take Bigegst Loser’s ratings down. We watch because of you and Jillian an thats the truth.

Marlene June 10, 2011 at 6:56 pm

Better late than never! In my time zone the show was cut to one hour because of The Voice!!! I am guessing that is why there was no Bob and Jillian! But that is the one epidose I wish was 2 hours! Some of the other episodes could be 1.5 hours or so… Love Bob & Jill. And I liked the other 2 as well. Their peeps did great and I love the alternate workouts.

Patti August 23, 2011 at 2:28 am

Because of the new trainers, I have not watched the biggest loser this year. I have watched it since it started, but since the new trainers have been there, I don’t like to watch them. I hope they get rid of them, so I can watch it again. I thoght Jillian and you wanted off the show, when I first seen them come on the scene.