My meltdown with Joelle on last week’s episode

Well hey everyone at mytrainerbob!!!  It has been a crazy week for me.  First let’s go ahead and get out of the way the main thing that everyone has been talking about this week…my meltdown with Joelle on last weeks episode.  Let me just say that it was a very intense week with Joelle and she was really testing my patience every single day.  When nine people had to go home the first week I put even more pressure than usual on every single person there, and Joelle was definitely acting like she didn’t want to be there and was looking for an easy way out.  And let me tell you, there is no easy way on The Biggest Loser.  She just kept stopping right before her potential every time and I needed her to break out of her comfort zone and she just didn’t want to do it.  When she kept stopping at 20 seconds, I just flipped out!!!  Can you believe how many times I dropped the “F” Bomb…OUCH!!!  When I saw the episode I just cringed, but what you didn’t see was the way we were able to grow from that experience.  I think her losing 2lbs at the weigh in really was a big wake up call for her but let me just say, wait until the next episode because you are gonna see Carla UNLEASH!!!!  Well that clip of me freaking out has been everywhere this week.  I saw it on The Soup, Access Hollywood, Extra, The Best Week Ever and when I did Larry King Live this week, he showed me the clip WHILE I WAS SITTING THERE!!!  It was just madness.  Doing Larry King Live is always fun.  I have done that show several times now but I just need to clear up a mistake I made on the show regarding the casting of our show.  I said that it was Reveille that does the casting.  I was mistaken, it is 3Ball Productions, and JD Roth is the guy that really puts in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears when it comes to casting our show, so I wanted JD to get the recognition that he deserves.  After doing Larry King there was a lot of production work for season 7 because you know that we are still shooting this season.  We have about 5 more weeks left of shooting and let me just say…THEY ARE GETTING SO SKINNY!!!!  There is also never a dull moment at work right now… just wait.

I also had to fly to Arkansas to visit the great people at Wal-Mart.  I got to attend a Saturday meeting that was going to be the last meeting that Lee Scott, the CEO of Wal-Mart would be attending because he is retiring.  He is a great and very innovative man and much loved there in Arkansas.  I got to speak in front of over 3 thousand people about The Pound for Pound Challenge that we are doing with General Mills and Feeding America.  It is going extremely well with well over 1.3 million pounds of food to be delivered to local food banks across the United States.  And before I forget, I got to meet so many great people including a really sweet person named Elizabeth so if you are reading this, I told you I would give you a shout out!!  After the Saturday meeting, I flew back to Los Angeles and basically had to come home and lay on my back because I pulled a muscle while working out and BOY DOES IT HURT!!  And it is now Sunday night and I am still feeling it.  I went to the movies and saw The Reader with Kate Winslet, my favorite.  It was really good and I’m getting ready to have a little dinner and rest up for another busy week.  Can you believe the inauguration is this Tuesday?  I am so excited and you can really feel a shift that is about to happen in our country…It’s gonna be a great 2009!!!  I will be flying to NYC to do The Today Show on the 27th and will keep you posted on the rest of my schedule so until then, keep those great e-mails coming in and I will speak to you very soon…xoxoxox