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MY Thoughts – Last Night’s Biggest Loser

How about that MORNING SONG!!! I gotta tell you, when I found out that John, who I LOVE, ate 37 donuts to be able to have the power to pick when The Black Team would have access to the gym and he picked 5AM, I was DYING!!! If you think for one second that it was “tv time”, meaning that we really shot it later than 5AM, it was truly that time of the morning. I remember my alarm being set for something like 3:30 to be able to get to the ranch on time. I was dying but I decided on that drive to work that I would make the best of it. John wanted his team to work out the first shift and I was not going to hold back and I DID NOT!! Those workouts were crazy. I seriously got possessed by some morning spirit that wanted to work them out like a maniac. I ended up having a blast and I think my team did too, with the exception of Antone, for that moment that he went ballistic. Can you imagine having someone just push and push and push you until you finally get to that kind of breaking point. I really find success when you are able to break all the walls down in any situation and just “get real”. So many of us put on a brave face, façade, or coat of armor when starting out their day and I believe by doing that you miss out on so much the day has to offer. We try to be something to people that we are not and you don’t really live your best life. So I say get angry, show people the real side of you, whatever that is, and I guarantee that your life will never be dull and your growth will be aplenty.

Now let’s talk about John eating all those donuts. You know that I hate that kind of stuff on our show because I don’t think that it really teaches you anything. I don’t think you will find yourself in a situation where you are asked to eat a bunch of stuff to gain an advantage in your life. The only way I could look at this was that here is a man that needs to be in control in his life and he chose to do this because he didn’t want anyone to have power over his destiny. He wanted to be able to make his own decisions and that is something that I can relate to. People come into my house and they have lost all control and when I’m teaching them how to regain it and then all of a sudden a fork in the road happens and you have to decide what to do, I have always said that the only bad decision is not making a decision. John decided to make a decision at that very moment and that is something that I respect. The thing I love about John is his dedication to taking care of himself and what he needs. More people that I come in contact with have lost that and it’s a hard road back but it can be done.

You know how I always love to give you a challenge when I write these blogs and well, here it goes… When you are faced with a challenge or difficult decision to be made and you find yourself “on the fence”, make that decision on how it can benefit you and don’t second guess it. Whatever it is, as long as you are taking care of yourself, will be the right decision and the real challenge is to NOT SECOND GUESS YOURSELF!! One final note. How about how hard my Black Team worked!! Those guys were so focused and dialed in that week. I teach people to just do what you can do in the course of a day and everything will all work out. Try to make the right decision 80% of the time and you will always come out ahead. Love you guys…xoxox

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